Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some

I missed you blog! It's been a while since my last update, but trust me, it was worth the wait if you're reading this! Do I have a story...

Let's go back to Friday the 23rd.

I woke up early that day because I had some outpatient Chemo that I was scheduled to receive in the morning. Mom and I got there about 10:20 and were asked to wait for my doctor to give me a check up. That wait was probably the slowest part of that day! Two hours of waiting later and I finally am called to see the doctor. As usual, the check up went well and I was asked to go to the Infusion Room. The Infusion Room is where outpatients stay and receive their chemo and they later leave. Getting my chemo was no problem at all, I can never feel it, it doesn't take a long time, and I usually just play on my phone not really paying much attention. By this point, I was seeing that I didn't feel any different and I was hoping I wouldn't have a bad reaction to the medicine. Finally it was done and we could leave, oh joy! 

Now for the good part...

On our way home I got incredibly hungry and mom decided to go to Chili's since it was early for dinner and it would probably not be full. When we got seated I got terribly cold. I never before felt cold so quick. Getting through the meal was so unpleasant. I was beyond cold and I didn't understand why. The check couldn't of come any faster that day. When we arrived home I felt even worse. I managed to change my clothes and I went to lay on the couch. I started getting horrible shivers, nothing like I had experienced before. Finally mom decided to go to the ER. I was there for a good five hours. My blood pressure had gotten really low and I felt so terrible. I was being pumped with fluids through my PICC Line and a new, very painful IV on my other arm. My condition required me to be transferred to the the main hospital, and I got to go in an ambulance!! 

I was on the stretcher waiting to leave while I was hooked up to all these machines!

Saturday the 24th...

I was in the PICU, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. It was HORRIBLE. There was no actual bathroom in my room and I had to stay hooked up to all these monitoring machines. I felt so miserable being in there. I was already much better since being in the ER, I just wanted to go home. Later in the afternoon I got the good news that I had gotten a room in the upper floor! I had never been happier in my entire life!!! I could finally go to the bathroom in an actual room! The rest of the day was really calm and I felt much more...alive. Sunday went by really quick. I didn't do much, but I was happy with that. I got discharged Monday afternoon and that literally sounded like the gates of Heaven opening and angels singing Hallelujah. And now, here we are! 

I made this blog until today because I was honestly putting it off. I don't know why, I guess I was just being lazy. But today I got the most amazing present and I really felt so happy and cared for that I decided to write. I got a lovely card signed by classmates in my 2nd period Anatomy Class and I got a gift card from Charming Charlie! WooHoo! Hope it doesn't have an expiration date cause I probably won't be going to any stores soon, haha. Besides the cards, I got a beautiful Prayer Shawl with a bunch of bright colors! I totally love it! I really am touched with everything and it gave me new hope. Hope that I really needed. I miss school now. I can't wait till all this is over and I can once again feel like my normal self.

                                                     "Life is a mystery."

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