Monday, December 19, 2011

Late Is Better Than Missing!

I'm so sorry! Truly sorry! What can I say? I'm a lazy person! I have no real reason for not posting. Laziness and procrastination are just my weaknesses.

Well...I have good news, and bad news. Lets begin with the good news!

I AM TOTALLY CANCER FREE! That's right. I'm back to normal and just waiting for life to be boring again. I finished my chemotherapy and am currently going through radiation.

Radiation isn't bad at all. I can't complain, it's a therapy much lighter and less aggressive than chemo. I have to get up early and go downtown to the Methodist Hospital. Yup, downtown. Everyday. Monday through Friday. It hasn't been the easiest. I'm usually very cranky and mean in the early mornings, I feel bad because my mom gets all my attitude. I need to work on that. The good parts about going to therapy are the people and the fact that there is no pain! All the nurses and doctors are just the sweetest! I couldn't ask for nicer people. When I'm actually getting the radiation I just lay there with my tight fitting mask and just hear sounds. I don't feel anything, it's almost like taking an uncomfortable nap!

What my mask basically looks like.

What the Radiation machine looks like. It spins!

Last Friday was actually pretty cool. I went to Methodist and got my therapy...that went fine. Later that same day I went to an annex of the hospital to go see, what the doctors call, The Cave. Basically, in the The Cave, they show me 3D and 4D images of my body before and after chemo. It was truly spectacular! I saw all my organs and I could of probably labeled them!

In the circles are growths before chemo. In the second picture, they're gone!

My actual skeleton!

Look at those abs!

Coolest thing ever!

My lungs look pretty good!

Sadly, here's the bad news.

Earlier today, at about 10 in the morning, the car my mother and I were in got hit by another vehicle. Literally, one of the scariest experiences of my life. The impact was like nothing I have ever felt before. The car was actually turned from the impact and the passenger side was up in the air. The sound was so loud and so haunting. I could hear it over and over and over. The car hit the passenger side, my side. The side air bags kicked in and the seat belt held me in place. Although it stung and hurt a bit, I'm very glad for those great safety features. When the cars came to a stop all I could think about was "is my mom okay?" The accident really shook us up, but no one was seriously hurt. After calming down, all information needed was swapped and we waited for the police and tow trucks to arrive. The lady that hit us was actually really nice. She had her son with her and he was probably the one that was terrified the most. Too bad we couldn't meet under better circumstances.

The Honda got the worst damage.

The other car hit here. Thank God it wasn't worse.

This day is really unforgettable. It's been one of the worst days of my entire life. I'm just glad that there was no major injuries and that everyone came out alive.

"The Show must go on! I'll face it with a grin! I'm never giving in!"

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