Sunday, September 18, 2011

Who's Hungry? Ugh, Don't Talk About Food...

Finally, I'm able to blog. 

Small recap: I have been in the hospital since Friday and today I am actually feeling good enough to write! I have been getting treatments in the night and Friday night was not good for me. 6 treatments really take a toll on me. But last night I only got 2 treatments and i feel much better!!

My hospital stay has been good. I got a room in the evening and I got a really nice visit from Steven, Layla, and her boyfriend Jacob. I was really happy they came all the way downtown to visit and see how I'm doing. Friends <3 Brownie Points to Steven who gave me a Hello Kitty doll! Best. Gift. Ever.

Oh, did i forget to mention that I shaved my head? Yeah, my hair is gone and I'm actually glad. I was shedding like crazy and it was so horrible! I left hair everywhere I sat and it was really frustrating. Now that it's finally gone you would not believe how easy it is to wash my head! Haha. I know my hair will soon grow back and I really hope it's gonna be cute. :)

I will be going back home Monday and I will probably be stuck at home trying to finish all the school work I'm missing...wish me luck! Haha.

For your entertainment....Myself with a cap BUT, my baldness is noticeable :P

                                           "Live your life with arms wide open
                                                                                         -Natasha Bedingfield 

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